Access Control Hardware and Locking Devices for Enhanced Security - Made in the USA for Over 50 Years

Designed, Engineered, and Built in America 

Since 1972, SDC has manufactured popular electrified access control hardware like Bolt Locks, EMLocks® and Strikes in America while most of our larger competitors manufacture overseas. We’re known as the door control opening experts with more than 40 patents, 20+ active trademark brands and decades of product design firsts.

SDC’s locking systems can be found in virtually any application where access control of a door is required. We’re particularly adept at new or retrofit applications of 1 – 10 doors, where 80% of the security door and hardware market exists. 

There are numerous advantages to choosing our American-made products for your access control and security needs. Not only do these devices offer superior quality and reliability, but they also support the American economy and job market. Additionally, they comply with higher industry standards and provide a wide range of options to suit your specific requirements.

By opting for SDC products made in the USA for over 50 years, you can enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen a reliable and trustworthy solution.